Tinting the windows of your car not only adds elements of style and class but also keeps out UV rays and helps reject heat from the sun which can dry out and damage vinyl and leathers in your car. CCA Motorsport is committed to providing our customers with exceptional quality. This means we pay special attention to avoiding light gaps and minimizing bubbles and dirt contamination. Additionally, we use high quality films in a variety of shades that carry lifetime warranties against fading or color change. We may not be the cheapest in town but we are a firm believer in you get what you pay for. We stand behind our work and provide exceptional quality.


Tint measurement is based on how much light gets through. 20% tint means that it blocks out 80% of the light only allowing 20% light transmission.


* Please familiarize yourself with the local Tint Laws of Alaska. CCA Motorsport will not be held liable for any work performed that violates local tint laws and the customer assumes all liability should they choose to have tint installed darker than the legal limit.



*Please note window Tint pricing is shown as ballpark examples, subject to change at any time without notice or adjustment.