As Anchorage's Premier Auto Salon, CCA Motorsport is proud to provide Anchorage with elite detailing services including being the only authorized Cquartz Professional installers in the State. Over the years, CCA has established a reputation for being perfetionists and providing our clients with the best service and workmanship. Whether it be a Ferrari or a Silverado, CCA gives the same attention to detail with the same goal; to give our customers their vehicle back looking amazing and protecting it for years to come.

See below for our packages and pricing and for more info about Cquartz Professional Ceramic Coating.



Hand wash using only Microfiber towels

Clay bar and Paint decontamination

Clean door jambs

Clean wheel wells and wheels

Light engine bay clean

Sealant (provides approx 6 months of protection) applied to all paint and wheels

UV protectant applied to all trim, wheel wells, and trim

Small car: $150
Midsize car/truck: $200
Large SUV: $250

Additional charges:
Thorough Engine Clean: $50
Remove wheels and clean barrels/calipers: $100
Paint correction: starting at $200 (requires visual inspection for exact quote)


Complete vacuuming of interior and trunk.

Deep Shampoo for all Seats, Carpets, and floor mats

Clean, Condition, and Protect All Door Panels & Dash

Deep Clean and Condition any Leather Surfaces.

Blow out all vents, crevices and dashboard gauges.

Clean all windows inside

Small car: $150
Midsize car/truck: $200
Large SUV: $250

Additional charges:
Pet hair: $50
Excessive dirtiness: $50
Ozone treatment (for stubborn smells such as smoke): $50